Thursday, January 12, 2012

Amtrak ..

So my mom lives 9 hours away and it's hard to not see her often so we try to plan something every other month or so. She got me and Kaylee a train ticket to go up to see her. We leave the 11th of January!
Well Johnny took us to the train station at 11:45pm on Tuesday. I was kinda nervous because I had never been on a train and also having to do this by myself with an almost 8 month old didn't sound fun. So the train was late about 30 minutes and when it got there I had a really bad panic attack before getting on and couldn't breath. Lol thank God Johnny calmed me down. I didn't like how small it was and I just felt like I couldn't breathe the whole time. We got on and I got Kaylee back to sleep and I was able to close my eyes for a few. Kaylee woke up a few time and was awake by 7:00am happy! (thank goodness) We played and she got sleepy fast. The train ride was not fun at all. There was a sick family in front of me the the little girls maybe 2 and 4 were trying to play with Kaylee, fine right? Well no, they were coughing in her face and I had to act like a "B" word (how I felt I looked) and cover her face because they weren't. They woukd be playing super loud when I was trying to get Kaylee asleep, she is hard to put down as it is! Ahhhhhgg I didn't know where to get food and had to pee holding her! Gah! I wanted fresh air so bad so when we stopped I went to go out for a min and about 10 people were standing there AT THE DOOR smoking!!!!! Are you kidding me!? Now I CAN'T being her out OR get fresh air... Ahhhhh so annoying. Well 14ish hours later and lots of tunnels that I couldn't breath in, we made it to me moms!! I NEVER want to get on a train again and feel trapped like that! So thank goodness my mom is refunding those bad boys (tickets) and Johnny will pick me up at my grandmas!! He will leave after work Monday night and we will get home Tuesday's.. Bless his heart he is such a good help when I have a melt down and he saves the day knowing I don't have to get back on!! :)
Anyway, here are the pictures of our trip:
This is Izzy before we left. I think she knew we were leaving her behind! :( poor baby!
Getting ready for the trip!
Daddy and Kaylee!

Johnny took this. It was right as I got on the train and was still having a panic attack. You can tell I don't look happy!

Kaylee out!! :) (right when we got on the train)
Kaylee banging on the window! :) She really liked looking out!

Lots of snow! really pretty!
Kaylee playing! We were lucky to not have anyone sit next to us! So she was able to sit here and play.
Last nap before we got off the train!

Friday, January 6, 2012


After 12 weeks of a Bradly birth class and lots of books, my mind was set on a drug free birth. I knew I could do it and was ready! My mom came down from Oregon May 11th. We did lots of walking and she wanted to take me to get Skipolini's Prego Pizza! As My mom and sister took me out to dinner Saturday night I just felt off, when we got home I was counting my contractions but they weren't to strong and about 15 minutes apart. I didn't get much sleep that night and got out of bed around 3 am. Walking the living room talking with God and telling my self I could do it, (inside I was SO excited) I was about to meet my baby!!! My mom woke up and fallowed me around. After texting my birth coach and hearing how strong I was, I jumped into the shower. I took a little over an hour because each contraction took me to my knees. After my shower my contractions were 2 minutes apart on the dot! I went to the hospital and got checked in at 6am ish. The rest seems like a blur to me and went by so fast. My birth coaches were helping me through the hardest thing I had ever been through yet. At 9 cm I wanted to push and no one could stop me! My doctor came and it was time to have my baby!! Stephani and Amanda were telling me over and over "your are about to meet your baby!!! I started pushing at 11:20am and Kaylee Christin was born at 11:31 am May 15th 2011, by far the best day of my life!
Kaylee was 7lbs 10 oz and 18.75 inches long.

Kaylee had a tiny bit of fluid in her lungs. Her breathing was a bit to fast for the doctors comfort. They took her blood and something was a bit off so they wanted to give her antibiotics. They ended up taking her off them because the daily blood work was coming back fine. So we had to stay one more night JUST to make sure she would be fine ... (even though I knew she was) she is feeding well and couldn't wait to meet her big sister Izzy! Mommy missed that baby lots. ;) hehe! So we were able to leave May 19th (Thursday) ! We had lots of support, prayers, and love by family and friends!
Izzy couldn't stop looking at her!

We had a very relaxing day. Just feedings and I got to shower. I missed Izzy so much and it felt so good to be home in my own bed! My mom made Kaylee a birthday cake and her Grandpa and Grandma Riker came over for dinner along with Da
ddy (johnny) uncle Dustin and Aunt Jessica and her cousin Luke! We got to eat and just hang out, OH and pictures of course!


We found out September 8th 2010 that God blessed us with this great joy. My due date was Friday May 13th 2011. A long road that is much to boring for words so I thought pictures would be the best way to enjoy the story!

8 weeks!
14 weeks and 5 days
hmm any guesses?
Sugar and Spice and everything nice, That's what my baby is made of!!
18 weeks 3 days
20 weeks and 4 days
23 weeks 3D ultrasound
26 weeks and 1 day
Izzy loving her sister:
27 weeks
32 weeks and 4 days
33 weeks and 1 day
36 weeks 5 days

all ready for her debut